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First private school in Miskolc

Avalon International School (AIS) is operated by AVALON International School Foundation. It is the first independent private school in Miskolc that teaches according to Cambridge Assessment International Education programme. Our school opened its doors in September 2019 which created and provides a new, inspirational and modern learning environment for children in about 5000 m2.
From the age of 3 to 5 our children will be part of nursery education and from the age of 6 our pupils learn according to the Cambridge International’s curriculum at our school division.
AIS is committed to create a community, which is focused on individual learners, nurturing their gifts and talents, and helping them become responsible global citizens and internationally-minded young people.
The whole school building (including the nursery as well) with its stunning equipment reflects the values represented by the school for modern and state of the art facilities which meet or exceed the technical requirements of 21st century education, providing all the opportunities for digital education as well.

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Avalon International School

The NDNA is a charity which was established for the purpose of providing a good quality of teaching for very young children.  The NDNA’s educational programme is used in numerous nurseries all over the U.K.; however, it is not only found in the U.K. but in several other countries as well.

Our aim is to teach our students how to learn, to think independently in a creative way, to gain higher order and critical thinking skills, as well as to become digitally literate to be able to face all the unforeseen challenges of the 21st century. We can guarantee it by joining Cambridge Assessment which has the greatest reputation and history all over the world.


Age 3 to 6

Early Years Foundation Stage


Year 1 – Year 6

Cambridge Primary



Year 7 – Year 9

Cambridge Lower Secondary


Year 10 – Year 11

Cambridge Upper Secondary


Year 12 – Year 13

Cambridge Advanced

AS and A level exams

Our Mission

"Our aim is to educate pupils to become responsible as well as open-minded, independnt learners and decision makers."

Our Vision

"Our VISION is to - through education - to lay the foundations for a happy, successful and meaningful life of this and the future generations."

School life

School menu

Avalon International School – with its own kitchen – offers school lunch and two snacks during the school day for all pupils. We do pay attention to prepare healthy and high-quality food for the children with giving vegetables and fruit on a daily basis.


The uniform at Avalon International School symbolises the connection among the pupils and their strong bond to the school. Our aim is to supply a uniform which is a comfortable wear however at the same time it represents all the values and priorities of the school.


At Avalon International School we truly believe that learning can take place anywhere. Our
aim is to link our children’s knowledge with real life, real life situations. Therefore we organize a range of enrichment days throughout the year to bring many facets of learning
under one focus, such as Animals Day, Halloween, Diwali, Backwards Day, Chinese New Year, Book Week, World Oceans Day, …

Our team

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