About Us

First private school in Miskolc

Avalon International School (AIS) is operated by AVALON International School Foundation which is the first independent private school in Miskolc that teaches according to Cambridge Assessment International Education programme. The primary and nursery school has opened its doors in September 2019 which creates a new, inspirational and modern learning environment for children in about 5000 m2.
From the age of 3 to 5 the children will be part of our nursery education and from the age of 6 our pupils learn according to the Cambridge International’s curriculum at our school division.
The whole school building (including the nursery as well) with its stunning equipment reflects the values represented by the school for modern and state of the art facilities which meet or exceed the technical requirements of 21st century education providing all the opportunities for online and digital education.

AIS is committed to create a community, which is focused on individual learners, nurturing their gifts and talents, and helping them become responsible global citizens and internationally-minded young people.


Focusing on individual care and personal development

By providing the ideal small group size in the nursery (maximum of 15 children per group) and the optimal size in the school (maximum of 16 pupils per class) provides all the opportunities for individualized care and education for the children. Our competence-based educational methods guarantee enjoyable learning experiences and serve the ideology of successful and meaningful 21st century learning and teaching journeys. Avalon International School provides Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) British educational programme as it is promoted by National Day Nurseries Association; meanwhile the primary school aims to follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum. The British educational programmes enhance the children’s potential as they develop knowledge, skills, creativity, innovative and critical thinking which are all personalized to the children’s individual competencies and needs.

Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum and the applied methodology and pedagogy of Avalon International School prepare our students for life with helping them to develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning. We prepare them to be able to cope with tomorrow’s world challenges and to shape a better future for them and the future generations.  For that reason, our project-based teaching and learning emphasizes the importance of co-operation and teamwork.


Hungarian (mother-tongue) and English language lessons

In Avalon International School, both in the nursery and in the primary school, native English-speaking teachers educate the children and the language of teaching and learning is English. However, besides the native speaking teaching staff there are Hungarian teachers – who speak English at an excellent level – with the aim of providing a feeling of comfort for the children in the development of their mother-tongue.

We recognise that all subjects contribute to the teaching and learning of language. We also consider as one of our aims to foster the ability to communicate with clarity and confidence in more than one language accordingly we respect the language of our host country; and aim for all students to be able to function linguistically in Hungarian society as well as we also respect the identity of the Avalon International School community and its diverse languages as this promotes international mindedness and intercultural understanding


After School Clubs

Avalon International School provides many sport, cultural and free-time activities after the lessons, for example, Robotics, Drama Club, Ball Room Dancing, Disney Dancing, Tennis, Football, Piano lessons, Drum lessons, Art Club, Chess Club, etc.



Apart from Cambridge University Press school books, many reading series, interesting scientific and fiction books are available in English for our diligent students in our library.


Well-balanced meals

Avalon International School – with its own kitchen – offers school lunch and two snacks during the school day for all pupils. We do pay attention to prepare healthy and high-quality food for the children. Special dietary requirements can be accepted, and special diets will be served as well (lactose-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, etc.)


School uniform as a symbol of community

The uniform of Avalon International School symbolises the connection among the pupils and their strong bond to the school. Our aim is to supply a uniform which is a comfortable wear however at the same time it represents all the values and priorities of the school.