Application to Avalon International School

The steps of application to Avalon International School and Nursery are the following:

  • Please fill in the Application Form (please click on the Application Form link)!

    Application Form

  • After application, please transfer the Application Fee (50 000 HUF) to our School’s bank account ( Unicredit Bank: 10918001-00000106-65440002 )

    After filling out the Application Form.

  • We will offer and agree on an appointment for Skype conversation because of the COVID 19 situation we cannot meet in person. During the Skype meeting we will give an introduction of our School values and educational programme of the school and the nursery.

    As we receive the Application Form

  • Our decision on the enrollment will be sent out.

  • Enrollment to the School or Nursery. The Enrollment Fee should be paid by the date of enrollment, which amount will be calculated into the Tuition Fee. The enrollment of the child will be guaranteed by the payment of the Enrollment Fee.

    Enrollment Fee – Nursery: 50.000 HUF

    Enrollment Fee – School: 100.000 HUF

  • The deadline of extended application (according to the number of free places)


  • Extended enrollment


Tuition Fee for academic year 2020/2021

 Nursery  School
Tuition Fee** 140,000 HUF / month

1,680,000 HUF / year

240,000 HUF / month

2,880,000 HUF / year

Application Fee 50,000 HUF 50,000 HUF
Registration Fee*** 50,000 HUF 100,000 HUF
Meals Fee  1,490 HUF / day 1,990 HUF / day
A start package of uniform  – Girl: 70.000 HUF
Boy: 65.000 HUF
*The Application Fee will not be paid back in case a child is not enrolled. Paying the Application Fee does not guarantee the enrollment of a child.
**The Tuition Fee includes all necessary healthcare products, bedsheets, towels for the Nursery. The Tuition Fee includes all the books, notebooks and accessories for the School.
***The Registration Fee will be calculated into the Tuition Fee.