Application to Avalon International School

The steps of application to Avalon International School and Nursery are the following:

  • Please fill in the Application Form (please click on the Application Form link)!

  • After application, please transfer the Application Fee (50 000 HUF) to our School’s bank account (ERSTE Bank Hungary Zrt. bank account: 11600006-00000000-94709621 )

    After filling in the Application Form.

  • We will offer and agree on an appointment for a conversation when we provide information on our values and the educational programme of our school and nursery.

    As we receive the Application Form

  • Our decision on the enrolment of your child - or on getting registered on our Waiting List - will be sent out.

Tuition Fee for academic year 2022/2023

 Nursery  School
Tuition Fee** 140,000 HUF / month

1,680,000 HUF / year

240,000 HUF / month

2,880,000 HUF / year

Application Fee 50,000 HUF 50,000 HUF
Meals Fee  1,490 HUF / day 1,990 HUF / day
A start package of uniform  – Girl: 75.000 HUF
Boy: 70.000 HUF
*The Application Fee will not be paid back in case a child is not enrolled. Paying the Application Fee does not guarantee the enrolment of a child.
**The Tuition Fee includes all necessary healthcare products, bedsheets, towels, accessories for the Nursery. The Tuition Fee includes all the books, notebooks and accessories for the School.