“I like to go to Avalon Nursery because it is very beautiful, my teachers are very kind and we always do very good tasks… and the playground is very nice as well!!!”

“The reason why I like to go to Avalon School is that my teachers love me and I also love my teachers.
They are very kind and I can learn very interesting things at school both in Hungarian and in English!!!”

“It is great to know – as a parent – that my child likes to go to school. She likes her teachers and her classmates. She wants to be with them even after school as well.”


“Lots of After School activities, great programmes, even better team-building programmes for the parents!

The best community! The best teachers and management! The best learning opportunity for children!”


“The days and the weeks went by in the nursery and we came to that conclusion that we made the best choice we had ever done for our daughter’s future.

The order in the nursery, the individualised attention and teaching cannot be seen in any other nurseries.”


“It’s more of a family than a school which motivates the children to come to AIS every day.”


“The personal touch provided by the nurses, teachers and the management is an icing on the cake.”


“I believe a very well-considered work is being carried out day by day to educate the children.  The children learn to speak English, but this is only one positive fact about the school as the children’s’ eyes are opened to see other cultures as well and they get such great values for life with which I do not fear to let him experience the whole world.”


“Apart from the fact that we won a child who is on the way to speak English as a native speaker, we also won a child who has become more confident as he always gets positive feedback and encouragement.  He is not afraid of speaking in English and sharing his ideas as he knows there are lots of good answers, not just one.”


“I think my son’s opinion can be described in the best way by his statement on his first day of nursery:

“Daddy, this is my best day of my life…”

I thought I could not hear it correctly.  He liked his previous nurseries as well, however he had never said anything like that before.”