The NDNA is a charity which was established for the purpose of providing a good quality of teaching for very young children.  The NDNA’s educational programme is used in numerous nurseries all over the U.K.; however, it is not only found in the U.K. but in several other countries as well.

The NDNA provides help through training, educational development and by sharing international experiences for all member nurseries.  By offering childcare training and methodological courses to early years settings and practitioners, NDNA guarantees a high-level teacher qualification for early years education.

Their educational programme is based on the British EYFS curriculum.  NDNA enhances, supports and nurtures. Their innovative thinking gives the member nurseries an edge over other systems and this leads to advantages for the children in the long run.


The following main aims can be found in the NDNA’s pedagogical programme:

–          individualised nurturing and education with the consideration of the individual needs of children

–          educating children for health and providing their safety by all means

–          developing the necessary skills and competencies for starting school


Avalon International School’s Nursery department provides: